Thursday, 18 October 2012


My pics are becoming more and more colorful...the reason? I'm not sure.
It's about something I've got inside, and it wants to come up, now as creative stuff, but it will change, I'm sure.

These days has been full of new ideas, new doubts, new gains, new wishes...All about News.
 I must admit my personality is being remodeled, some of my personal characteristics have already changed, but always toward a better adjective. I can say I'm proud of it.
It's all about this new experience, you mustn't be conformed with all you have or you be.
You have to look for a change, looking for yourself. And there is not any feasibility if you don't give an opportunity to alter some portion of you. 
Because...why this life if you don't know who you are or what are your living for? 
We are not living because we 'have to survive', working and paying our needs.
It's about experiences, learn, change, developing yourself, looking for something you feel identified with, etc...and having fun, of course, that's essential.

This is all about I'm thinking these days...

Now, you can(it's up to you) enjoy the pictures... :)

Have an awesome night

Thank you for your comments, you are great!!


  1. Es que me encanta todo lo que tenga print de animales, además de los animales, claro.
    Qué maravilla de post Raquel eres una artista.

  2. pero que abrigo mas bonito!!!
    besiños desde Galicia <3

  3. Hola corazón, cuanto tiempo sin pasarme por aquí espero que todo vaya bien.

    Muy originales las fotos! un beso muy grande !!

  4. red and yellow look so good together! should try that combo and see how it works on me.
    I also like your photos, especially the last one.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Tus posts irradian positivismo y siempre me hacen sonreír :-)
    Me encantan las fotos, cómo las editas y sobre todo el conjunto: las creepers me vuelven locas.