Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Final Major Project Photoshoot

This is my work for the FMP, I have enjoyed too much this last weeks with it. But now Its here.


Lots of love.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Days in London

After a long long time I don't update the blog, finally I am here, stronger and with lot of ideas!

I have to tell you the truth about why I have been missed out. And it is because the internet at home has finished...:(

So, I can't access internet if it is not at class, so, now I have to bring the laptop with me all the time.
My sister is here with me, spending some days as part of her summer holidays, and they are being veery nice :)

Here are some pictures of yesterday, she came to the University.

Have a really nice day everyone, see you soon <3

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dots and prints.

This week has been amazing, but now back to reality and it is all about Working. At uni, at home...on the bus, everywhere.
My wall at class is full of the development of my project, here you can see pic.

Yesterday it was my birthday, and I spent a great day with my classmates, they gave me some presents but the big one is their presence.
After that, I went to Zara to look around for something interesting as my own present, and I bought some items I'll show you these days. 
The cape I'm wearing is one of them.

I have to carry on working so have a really nice night everyone!

Lots of love.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wish List.

Today I decided to write about my wish-list of the last few weeks.
I have never done one before, so I am quite excited! 

My items are exactly from Persunmall, a website I found some time ago and there are some great items I am so interested in.

I have taken lots of them, from clothes to jewellery.

LINK Shoe 1

LINK Shoe 2

LINK Dress 1.

LINK Shirt 1

 LINK Shirt 2

LINK T-shirt

LINK Blazer

LINK Skirt

LINK Shorts

LINK Necklace

 LINK Earrings


I hope you like all of them, and have a nice day :)