Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Positively 4th Street.




Stradivarius Blazer / second hand black top / H&M shorts / Vans shoes / 
flea market hat / Primark necklace

What I wish I wear today:




Oh babieeeees! Here is my look of yesterday! I went to the university with him!
I wore that BLACK outfit because there was Drawing class...and using charcoal is a little bit dirty.
I think Im going to wear black clothes Tuesdays. 
This one is my perfect song for being happy today:)

You got a lotta nerve

To say you are my friend
When I was down
You just stood there grinning

You got a lotta nerve

To say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on
The side that’s winning

Bob Dylan song: 

Positively 4th Street

xoxo, have a nice day!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Lace Inspiration.

Hiiiiii! Sorry for not update, I had not had time because I had to make some work for the University...that sculpture I told you.

Buuuut now im here ready and so EXCITED to put some new things!
Today, my heavy Monday...has been good, no news, no interesting things to tell...Simple day.
As every day, I wear some outfit...too easy and informal to go to the university, that has not been lovely enough :)
This afternoon I have worn a 'lady' outfit which I like so much!
And these pics have been my inspiration of the day!

Hope you like!

Blouse: Second hand ; Top: Mango ; Skirt: H&M ; shoes: Vans ; necklace: Primark

See you soon my little readers!
And thank you so much for the comments and for being so adorable and unique!
I appreciate you a lot^^


Friday, 23 September 2011

Again, one leather skirt, more lot of outfits!

Again agaaaaaain, im here again! Yesterday, I could not actualize because I was out all day!
So, I said I had some more outfits with my leather mini skirt...But these ones with new second hand shirts or blouses! So Here they were!
Today has been a really nice day, the classes are so interesting...I have Art's Psychology and laboratory of Audiovisual. Oh yeeeeah!

Awesome pink? ♥

Really love this so much ♥

Hope you likeeeeee ♥ ♥

Have an awesome WEEKEND!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

One skirt, lot of outfits.

Looooovers! Today, as I said on my last post, I have gone to the Encants Vellss! its a market where you can find a lot of second hand clothes, antiques, old things...even new things.
Love it and love searching on the piled clothes. And...I have found some awesome blouses and some t-shirt! Here I have post some of them, but tomorrow I will actualize with another acquisitions!
I only wear a leather miniskirt in all of them, what a lot of outfits I can do with it! ♥ 
Hope you like! and Enjoy the videos!

 My new electric small t-shirt.

My new awesome 1€ Blouse ♥

 New new new lover ♥

New Shirt and scarf ♥

Have a nice day babies!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Hi Hi Hi babieeees! How are youu? Today has been my second day at the boring again haha but I like to see my friends another year. So im so happy for thaaaat.

This striped shirt is one of my favourites; because if you have not realized I loove STRIPES!
This amazing hat is from my mum and its a Miss Dior!
My little lovely shoes from a vintage shop! ♥
Tomorrow I will go to a market to buy some clothes I need..I 'need' hahaha

Have a nice day

Bolero jacket: vintage ; shirt: H&M ; denim shorts: second hand ; hat: Miss Dior ; shoes: vintage

xoxo babieeeees!