Friday, 29 March 2013

Welcome...again :)


I'm very sad about how many hours, days and weeks I have been absent of a big part of my life: my Blog.
With it, I have learned and discovered things about me, and some ones are quite important.
I didn't want to leave it for a while, it was just that the blog needed a big change, and I'm not ready now.
But I'm getting in, and I know it will be ready soon.
While I'm preparing it, I will post as much as I can with all the info or my daily things, projects, etc...
More focused in my work, and once in a while me and myself.

So, I show you my first college Project called Protection, which I enjoyed a lot.
The interesting fact here is the object which was originated: an artichoke.

So The development of this project started with an artichoke, and after investigated all the possibilities I could take and study, I was concentrated in the holes and layers of the artichoke, and some weeks later, I built the final piece, this kind of body sculpture.
I really liked the outcomes from this experience.

I want to share with you my work, you can let me know your feelings about it :)

I have a lot of amazing news coming, so don't forget checking out the blog once in a while, cause some of them are really fascinating! :)