Monday, 31 October 2011

House of Surprise.

 Monday, what's about monday? All of them are...what can I say? HATED. But this one is dissimilar. Going to visit Pedralbes at the morning and Ikea at evening(I love Ikea; well..., who does not?) I have bought salmon. LOVE SALMON. Colour and fish.
This dress i'm wearing is since a long time ago...and now, I wear it again. I wanna give the outfit another kind of appearance. Therefore, an informal velvet Jacket, my favourite shoes and those new shocks were crowning. Red lips are one of my daily makeup. 

Tonight as all know is Halloween, I hope to go to the town center and see all people' costumes! And tomorrow...I will paint some of my home' walls with my mother(she stays here until Friday).
And well, I have no things to tell you so I go out and I hope you like the pics! ( I wanted to be creative, that is the reason of the clouds.) Haha :)

Lunes, ¿que hay del lunes? Todos ellos son..cómo diría? ODIOSOS. Pero este es diferente. Visitar Pedralbes por la mañana e Ikea a la tarde(amo Ikea) además he comprado salmonsiito. Amo el salmón, tanto color como el pez.

El vestido que llevo es desde hace ya un tiempo..y ahora lo llevo de nuevo. Quería darle un toque diferente al modelito(cambiar la formalidad del vestido), por eso una chaqueta de terciopelo más informal, mis zapatitos preferidos y mis nuevos calcetines fueron perfectos para ello.

Los labios rojos...un 'debo ponerme' casi a diario.

Bueno, esta noche es Halloween como todos sabemos y espero visitar el centro de Barna para ver toda la gente disfrazada. Mañana toca pintar las paredes de casita con la mami que se queda casi toda la semana aquí. Tampoco tengo mucho que contar aaasique bueno, me voy y espero que os gusten mis super creativas e ilustrativas nubecitas en las fotos! :)

Zara Dress / second hand velvet jacket/ H&M shoes/ Primark bag / ? shocks



Friday, 28 October 2011


Bonjour!!! Comment Ça va? huhu:) Another Friday is here and a long weekend, because I have got holidays until thursday! So lot of time to use! I wanna finish all my work and homework, there is a lot...
So I wear a little 'comercial' outfit...H&M skirt(which I have worn once...), my second hand denim jacket and top. And Primark Shoes.

I feel tired today, the bad weather affects me a lot, its rainning and well, on one side its perfect for the environment, on another side...I can't do anything:(

So, my parents come those days to spend the holidays with me and my kitty Dylan:)
Im waiting for them right now...

I have update some John William Waterhouse' works...When I saw them on the first time... I nearly got STUNNING paintings.
What do you think about them? :)

Skirt: H&M / second hand top and denim jacket / Primark tights and shoes

I have update some John William Waterhouse' works...When I saw them on the first time... I nearly got STUNNING paintings.
What do you think about them? :)

John William Waterhouse (baptised 6 April 1849; died 10 February 1917) was an English painter known for working in the Pre-Raphaelite style. He worked several decades after the breakup of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, which had seen its heydey in the mid-nineteenth century, leading him to have gained the moniker of "the modern Pre-Raphaelite". Borrowing stylistic influences not only from the earlier Pre-Raphaelites but also from his contemporaries, the Impressionists, his artworks were known for their depictions of women from both ancient Greek mythology and Arthurian legend.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Long purple dress.

Hello, hello, HELLO! How are you? I feel inspired today, I woke up with lot of creativity on my body.  Therefore, I did some drawings on my new found Drawing Workbook! Oh yes, my little friends! One day I will update here some of my drawings, and i really hope you will like them! haha :)
And some of fashion drawing desings too!
Mmm this weekend my family will come here! And Im so ablaze about that idea! I want to do family things hahaha :)
I have a lot of homework(again) to do today, lots of Class texts to read and to study...''I don't wanna dooooooo it :( ''

On these pics, I wear a second hand dress,(I fell in love with it when I saw it...), my Ralph Lauren denim jacket,  a lovely second hand Kerchief, and my Primark hat(which I bought not too much time ago)

I want to show you some marvelous dresses I found, and tell you all the posibilities we can make with them! ahh I hate they are so so so expensive! I love those Alexander Mcqueen! Oh...what a pain...

My favourite, the two last ones!

I hope to do early my homework and I could comment all your lovely and awesome blogs!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Second hand dress / Ralph Lauren denim jacket / second hand Kerchief/ primark hat

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Welcome to the Polka dots's world!

 After a few days without updating a post...Here there is a new one! I bought a polka dot skirt some days ago in Primark, and now im releasing it! I like to mix black and white clothes with this kind of blue...So, a little shirt and a big blazer! Both Second hand clothes.

This week had been very hard, because there are a lot of homework to do, a model to make to sculpture(which I don'd feel like doing it...), some fashion designs...etc etc.
I have put as well some pics where I saw marvelous polka dots items...what do you like the most?

My favourite is def. the first one, the red one! 

Second hand shirt / second hand blazer / Primark bag / Primark skirt / H&M shoes / Dior Hat

                                                               Stunning outfit

Awesome dress




Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Hi babieeeees! I say hello to you in my first pic, I dedicate you! So, so, so...This is a femenine, sexy, glamurous, mysterious... 40s style! Its such a classic look, so it never really goes out of style.

How can you be a 40's woman? :
Red, coral or pink lipstick suited to your skin tone.

Hair rats are great for the hairstyles, to accomplish rolls and faux bangs

Seamed stockings will complete any '40s look perfectly.

Simple high heels in a matt-finish leather or suede are best for the era.

A smart flower hair ornament or a snood was popular then and is just as darling today!

A Zoot Suit, with a wide brim hat and a pocket chain of exaggerated length.

You will need slips or petticoats for some '40s style dresses. Most 1940s fashions were designed to be worn with foundation garments (e.g., girdles).

A '40s hat is usually one of the best things you can buy to make your look most complete, and matching purse and gloves would be the best thing you could do for your outfit, especially if it is a simple one.


 Blouse:  Vintage / Leather skirt: Zara sales / necklace: Primark / shoes: H&M old / hat: Zara

 So, Have you taken some notes? I hope that, and I want you try it because is a really awesome style!
Have wonderful dreams, my little readers! <3<3