Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Like Sherlock.

Sunday I spent some hours in the charity shop that I told you some posts ago...
But since the first time I was working there, I noticed one coat that was calling me aaall the time (Raquel, comee to mee, buuuuy meee). But I thought 20 pounds was too much for me.
As I was telling you, this last Sunday I was there and my eyes are always looking at it...and once when I had to clean up some things, I saw the price and it was only 12 pounds!
-This coat is mine now!!-
What was the 'amazement'? If you are working as a volunteer...you have some discount!! Ohhhhhh god only 8 pounds and it's mine!! :D
And now, here there is, until my ankles, I was WISHING someone like this!  
I just love it.

I'm counting the days to go to Zaragoza...and spend all the seconds, minutes, hours...with my family and friends ❤ It's something I need now...



  1. Ese abrigo no puede ser más ideal!


  2. Un look simplemente PERFECTO!! ;) Y un blog genial, te sigo desde ya!! ;)
    Besitos guapa!


  3. great outfit!! Great post and thanks for sharing hun! Come by soon xx

  4. Yo pasé el segundo finde de pilares. Hay que ver, siempre nos cruzamos!
    Besitos, y aprovecha a estar el máximo con ellos :)

  5. que guapa! me encanta el look! besitos http://unmatchafrappeporfavor.blogspot.com.es/

  6. Que estilismo tan original, me gusta mucho.
    Un beso.

  7. when something is meant to be, it just happens anyway. that's one of my mottos in life.
    I'm glad you got your dream coat and I like the layering of that outfit - some really warm pieces mixed together with summery ones, that's cool!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Your dress is nice:)
    See you, love : Anais xx

  9. Enamorada de tu abrigo!!!!!!!!!!!