Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Under another skin.

This post is about a series of photographies which I could feel being another person...It is like being under a different skin.
I Would never think about being a model, in fact, there are too many to be one more...
But I love experimenting things, and I enjoyed for a while.


Este post es sobre una serie de fotografías en las que pude sentirme ser otra persona...Es como estar bajo una piel diferente.
Nunca había pensado en hacer de modelo, de hecho, hay demasiadas para ser una más...
Pero me encanta experimentar cosas, y lo disfruté por un tiempo.




  1. I love to dress up - it's interesting how much you can change your appearance with different clothes :) I really like the first ones - you look like a disney princess!



  2. Cuánto arte hay siempre por aquí!!! :)