Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Good evening beloved readers!
Last post was about the first project I made during one college month.
Now, I show you my second project, called Metamorphosis.
As the word says, it's about a change between more than one thing.
One start changing to another.

The steps were: take a thrift jacket, as cheap and ugly as possible (mine was just about 5 pounds...). 
Start thinking about creative pictures of it on a model(one classmate of mine).
So...these first pictures are my horrible and blue patterned jacket on my friend.
They are quite artistic, I wanted to show some unusual style of photographies, where I can show the jacket and its pattern out and inside.
Then, we had to take an object which changes, a kind of toy or something else who is not fixed on the time.
So, I started looking for a thing like that and I found the toy under the first three pictures.
It costed me just one pound, so it was just perfect.
The pictures I show you are about its movement, closed, mid-open, and open.
I finally took both objects the jacket and the colorful toy and it started the metamorphosis trying to join together.

The last pictures are my finally piece, a kind of sculptured hat, taking the triangles and holes from the object and the fabric of the jacket.

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