Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nothing's gonna change my world.

Day of going out, enjoying, walking across London, being lost but you feel that city as your city, you are not a foreigner, you know the way you must take; that impression, that taste...which it's part of you and your soul.
And now, nothing's gonna change my world, as a song of The Beatles says. Because I'm starting to relish this.
And again, I feel like doing lot of things, but only about art; (ART includes fashion as well).
Yesterday, after finished my work as a volunteer in the charity shop, I arrived at home and some inspirations came to me...I took my graphic tablet and started creating. This Bob Dylan gif was my little piece of art, if you wanna call it that.

This morning I carried my camera, I've taken lot of photos about London and all the things my eyes have seen while I was walking towards home. I hope you enjoy them, and happy Sunday!

LOVE,  Raquel.

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  1. que chulo el gift y que bien te keda la boina Ra! muuuuack