Sunday, 28 October 2012


“We'd start slow, the way we always did, because the run, and the game, could go on for awhile. Maybe even forever.
That was the thing. You just never knew. Forever was so many different things. It was always changing, it was what everything was really all about. It was twenty minutes, or a hundred years, or just this instant, or any instant I wished would last and last. But there was only one truth about forever that really mattered, and that was this: it was happening. Right then, as I ran with Wes into that bright sun, and every moment afterwards. Look, there. Now. Now. Now.”
-Sarah Dessen-
The Truth About Forever

LOVE,  Raquel.


  1. Como siempre, me encanta tu estilo. Tienes las piernas perfectas para esas medias. Y el detalle de las plumas de pavo real en el short, perfecto :-)

  2. Great look! I love the tights! :)


  3. Raquel, eres toda una artista en todos los encantas!


  4. guau que estilo mas chulo, me encanta!!
    un beso

  5. love your style, love your look, love your smile, love your beautiful those red lips, love the hat
    and I especially love your striped tights!!!!!! and shorts!!!! I must get those tights for my very own......
    YOu are so very stylish and chic!

    I'm an american guy traveling in Europe this fall, and I have 13 years in ballet, and a love for fashion....... your hair is sooo lovely as well, I've had long hair all my life, so I definitely appreciate your gorgeous locks
    Growing up, I used to wear tights with sweaters all the time as a comfy alternate. Your lovely look reminds me of all those days....epsecially when the delivery man would come and I'd meet him at the door and he's refer to me as Miss......
    I've been raving to my new friends about how much I love the tights/shorts look, so they encouraged me to try it myself...
    and I have in a big way,..... denim cutoffs, high waisted shorts, even a romper.......
    I will following your blog religiously..... thanks for sharing your lovely taste and your beauty