Saturday, 6 October 2012

B&W and R&W.

All you know one of my big characteristics when I dress up, is the mixture of patterns. 
Keeping up the tradition, today I wear it.
Black&White stripes shorts and Red&White polka dots top.
The rest no more than Black and white clothes, if not, that could be too much jazzy.
And the last little touch, red lips.
This outfit is perfect for the weather of today, sunny, no clouds, no rain...only sunny and some wind.

Hooooooooope you have an incredible day!


  1. Perfecta conjunción y preciosa tú.

  2. que look más atrevido!
    me encanta la mezcla de rayas y topos! la camiseta te favorece mucho


  3. oh, your hair is dip dyed! suits so well! and polka dots look perfect together with stripes. I love both patterns. and I looove the trio of black, red and white, it's perfect!
    btw, your new header is totally brilliant!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Que atrevido!!!!, me encanta de verdad, estas guapísima, no se es como que yo me lo pondría y me quedaría fatal, pero a ti te queda todo estupendamente, no se que haces, que siempre estas preciosa ocn todo lo que te pones.
    un beso y un gran abrazo

  5. I think the shorts are sooooo perfect.......perfect color too and great match to the cute top ...... I grew up in ballet (I'm a guy) and I always wore big sweaters with tights under. I'm traveling in Europe this fall, and I adore the style of tights with cut off denim shorts, and leather shorts, and cute high waisted shorts. want these shorts as well.My friends in Europe know I'm bold and brash and have encouraged me to don cute tights on my legs and wear that look (tights and shorts....I've even begun to wear thin sheer tights as well...
    I love your hair by the way... and your lovely smile