Wednesday, 19 September 2012

V&A Museum (Fashion)

Hi girls and boys, men and women! How are you? :)
Well, well...Today I'm going to show you a (high) strip of images.  Each of these are from V&A Museum, if you don't know anything about this museum, please search some info about it, or click this link.(From wikipedia, it's quickly).
I like almost all the departments(jewelry, China, Japan,...) But which I love more is The Fashion section.
You can (I) desire all those clothes, since the simple one until the weird one.
I leave you gazing everyone of them.

Then, you will notice there are funny chair designs. My mother, sister and me amused them!

See you! xxx


  1. Que museo más bonito! espero que estés disfrutando tu estancia allí
    un besito desde Galicia <3

  2. Hola, cuando voy a Londres siempre lo visito, me encanta, besos