Friday, 28 September 2012

Over creative.

My mind is thinking up, all the things I see in my daily walk are being transformed. 
And they become interesting. Sometimes I just forgot despite the fact of bringing my notebook.
And when a lot of ideas are coming into my mind, I must arrive as soon as I can at home and start drawing or creating.
And today, it has been very very successful.

My country has changed, my house and room have changed and there is not the same. 
Living in Barcelona, I could give the pics an ideal atmosphere with the paintings and frames I've got on the wall.
But not now, my wall is empty(I must ask the owner If I can hang some things). 
So I needed to think about making creative photographies or something I can feel identified with. 
And after my walk across all the shop windows, I've got it.

During my circuit, I've gazed a book, 'Celebutantes' which I'm going to start reading after finishing this post. I'll let you know if it's consuming me.


  1. Totally perfect!!I have the same dress...beautiful. Xxx


  2. I loove these pictures! you look so amazing! <3 x

  3. me gusta mucho el look raquel! :D
    que tal por londres?
    espero que todo te vaya muy bien!
    un beso